Joel Purkess

Welcome to the personal website of Drummer / Educator Joel Purkess

offering Master classes Worldwide


Having toured and lived in 3 different continents, I also offer master classes for students, young professionals and musicians who are looking to enter the professional world of being a full time musician. I have been a self employed musician for the past 10 years of my life and feel my knowledge, life lessons and experience are a valuable asset to be shared learned from.

My classes are typically one hour and thirty minutes but can run longer with a lot of input from audiences. An open question and answer period is also included in my format, and is in addition to the one hour and thirty minute lecture time. 

I cover the following topics: 

    - From amateur to Professional
    - Survivng the First Years
    - Building Yourself a Musicians Profile
    - Gig Essentials, Booking More Gigs
    - How to be a Better Performer
    - Touring Essentials
    - International Playing
    - Maintaining Consistency
    - How To Be A Happy Musician


For more information or to book a masterclass, please see the contact section of my website and fill out the required information.